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City Hall
TEA works on issues at Toronto City Hall that affect all of our campaigns and have significant environmental impact - such as budgets, elections and councillor voting records. Learn more.

Greenbelting Toronto icon Greenbelting Toronto
TEA protects Ontario's Greenbelt by promoting policies that support local food and farming communities, expand the Greenbelt further into Toronto and promote the benefits of the Greenbelt to all Torontonians. Help protect our air, water, and farmland. Learn More.
Smog, Climate Change and Energy icon Smog and Climate Change
We decide how dirty the air is we breathe and how much global warming will harm our children. TEA works to help individuals and governments clean the air. Learn More.
Toxics in Toronto icon DeTOx Toronto
TEA fights for our right to know about harmful toxins in Toronto and empowers residents to turn local polluters into Good Neighbours. Help detox Toronto by clicking here.
Public Transit icon Public Transit
TEA believes that the TTC should be publicly controlled, be properly funded by all orders of Government, and that the Transit City Light Rail plan must be built as soon as possible. Help us address the inequities in our transit system. Learn More.
Waste Reduction icon Waste Reduction
TEA advocates for governments to give Torontonians the tools they need to reduce our garbage and make our products less wasteful. Join us in reducing the garbage that goes to landfills. Learn More.