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Greenbelting Toronto


What's Ahead for 2014  

In 2014, the Greenbelt will have been with us for 9 years. TEA will continue working hard to make sure it thrives and to help grow the Greenbelt into public lands in Toronto’s urban river valley systems.

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Toronto is surrounded by agricultural lands, rivers, lakes, trails, ski hills, historical cultural sites, and world-renowned forests and parks, which are protected for all in the Ontario Greenbelt.

But the Greenbelt is more than a beautiful tourist destination for Torontonians. It’s the source of Toronto’s drinking water, its forests help clean Toronto’s air, and its prime farmland provides us with fresh food.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance is working to help Torontonians protect the Greenbelt from urban sprawl and development by raising wider awareness of the Greenbelt’s many resources, building better relationships with its communities, and promoting stronger support for local economies. TEA does this by:

  • Working with Torontonians and councillors to Grow the Greenbelt into public lands in Toronto’s Ravines.
  • Leading a Local & Sustainable Food Purchasing Campaign aimed at changing local government policies to prioritize purchasing Greenbelt-grown food.
  • Launched a Greenbelting Toronto’s Governments Campaign.
  • Developed a 'Greenbelt Food from Home' guide to connect Toronto's diverse communities with grocery retailers selling cultural foods grown by farmers in the Greenbelt.

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Click here to read A Fresh Approach: Local Food Procurement by the Public Sector (pdf)


TEA would like to acknowledge the support of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation




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